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Sit with the Guru
La vie du le mage blanc
La vie du le mage blanc

The life of a white mage

In FFXI there are people who play as white mage who donīt know what the hell they are doing. I am a white mage that knows what to do, and how to do it. Iīm going to say what a white mage should do... and then do it in posey (a poem)

A white mage should never hesitate to cure, the provoker can always provoke off you.

~Cure is a kin to the job, cure until your good

Pay attention

~An ideal white mage yeilds to death.

Only cure and buff.

~The black mage and red mage can enfeeble, whm is the best at curing and giving buffs.

Dont worry about death.

~You walk with the shadow of death, it fears you as you fear it, the whm has conquerored death.

Be mellow.

~The more passive you are, the better the part goes.

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