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Sit with the Guru
La vie du le mage blanc

vol 0 was back in 2002 when i did it only from email
the vol 1 came from 2003
i am doing vol by year -1 year 1 volume-

Vol 0 ed 1 of 2
well this may piss you off but the GBA is getting a new fanchise and (dont serotype this) 2 new Pokemon games are comming (sorrt still E but mind you people before 6 are no recommend) besides alduts like them too) ok.
from the top the franchise is Earth Worm Jimsenice there are two games it is now a fanchise.
The new Pokemon games are on their way to Japan well 2 big new things in them 2 on 2 battles and it is on GBA.
this is it for now i seen thing intesting or that i am out raged against
one more thing microsoft tryedd to buy sega (again) and they did not get it (again) whydont they stop) well in the past it seems they also tryed to buy square soft. people are out raged (so am i). now microft is getting more letter bombs ( on top of the promblems with the OSs
bye vol 0 ed 2of 2
i put my fist through the wall on this on one final fantasy 1 & 2 are going to the EVIL PLAYSTATION (RPGs should not load) it should be on GBA (it does not load think about it) because it can rival the PS one hopefullyy they will also be on the 'cube deveploped by game design studios (they have not done anything)
Peace for now

vol 1 ed
Now I just realised that most people use their Play Station 2 as DVD players. Not taking advantage of the  system's ability to play video games. Now to judge the system in sales is not right to just look at the overall sales but to be truthful you need to look at the sales as DVD players and video game systems. Now DVD players are cheaper than PS2 so we will have less sales in PS2. And like-wise for the Xbox.

Now I am not biassed but would the Game Cube not be the best system in terms of usage. Now the fact the Game Cube is meant purely for video gaming not DVD playing or CDs as it may be. That shews something about Nintendo they NEED NOT EXTRAS TO SELL SYSTEMS. And Nintedo is still doing online gaming their own way by not jumping into and crashing and burning like the Dreamcast did (because online games were a big part of the system) online gaming is like the deep sea and humans have no idea about what is down there.

We should explore online gaming before we jump in it. Which is why Nintendo having next to nothing to do with the 'net is good, but PS2 and Xbox are strongly going into it. Hard drives are another problem but if Nintendo (unlike other systems) had a hard drive if would not have the ability to have music (unlike other systems).

if you dont like it do not complain these are my thoughts and ideas