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2005.5.25 @15.57
+I added La vie du le mage blanc, or the life of a white mage.
-Dont mock it, it needs revising... and i have been stressed for content, you get what you can lol
2005.2.15 @13.12
+i started playing Final Fantasy XI, chceck me out if you can, i am Juilan on Siren
+/- I have gmail accounts, i might charge, i might not
+ I am trying to get this to become a Final Fantasy XI fansite, well kinda
2005.1.5 @22.11
+i have fixed some errors in my html...
+first update in the Julian year of 2005
-my main box is completely dead... at well it least at the moment it is a 6 year old box...
-i need contant ideas
+i am working on a font, with copyright, and it will only be on this site, if not i am going after you

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